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July 29, 2015
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What's New at QAL-APWU 1022
Just-Released Report Confirms that Expanding Social Security is Fully Affordable
Social Security has a large and growing surplus, according to the 2015 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Funds, released today. This year’s report projects that in 2015 Social Security will run an annual surplus of roughly $9.2 billion, bringing the accumulated surplus to about roughly $2. Read More...
How Hillary Clinton Wants To Get Companies To Invest In Workers Rather Than Shareholders
On Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will give a speech in which, among other things, she will call for greater transparency and oversight of a tactic companies use to inflate their stock prices and reward shareholders, often at the expense of other investments like workers’ pay. Read More...
New York Fast Food Workers On Passage Of The $15 Wage: ‘It’s A Dream Come True’
On Wednesday, the wage board New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) convened unanimously passed a proposal for a $15 an hour minimum wage for the state’s fast food industry. The labor commissioner is expected to approve the recommendation and issue a wage order raising these workers’ pay to at least that amount. Read More...
Senators Introduce Rural Postal Bill
The Rural Postal Act of 2015, introduced by Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) on July 9, aims to improve mail service by restoring stronger service standards and placing a two-year moratorium on the closure of additional mail processing plants. It also would make the requirement for six-day mail delivery permanent. Read More...
Labor Leaders Meet with Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders
A “meet and greet” was held at the office of the American Postal Workers Union this evening between more than 40 U.S. labor leaders and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is running for president. Read More...
Members Of Congress Introduce Largest Minimum Wage Hike Yet
On Wednesday, members of Congress will introduce a national increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) along with Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison (MN), Raúl Grijalva (AZ), and other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will release details of the legislation after a morning event that day. Read More...
Download: QueensAreaLocal-APWU1022Flyer.pdf
Recently, Queens Area Local President Ron Suslak, once again negotiated the purchase of discounted Yankee tickets for our membership, for the following game: N.Y. Read More...
PRC Documents Shed Light on Shady Staples Privatization Deal
In response to a lawsuit filed by the APWU, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has coughed up 231 documents that shed new light on the secretive deal between Staples and the Postal Service. Perhaps most jarring is the acknowledgement that the Staples’ deal was intended to serve as a model for transferring postal retail operations from the U.S. Postal Service to private retailers. Read More...
Contract Update and the Evolution to Privatization By Ron Suslak, President
  NO CONTRACT ….. NO SURPRISE Neither I nor most other Union Officials across the country were surprised that the parties could not come to terms on a new contract.    The APWU and USPS are diametrically opposed when it comes to the future of the Postal Service. Read More...
Wages Are Stagnant Even As The Unemployment Rate Keeps Falling
The economy added 223,000 jobs in June while the unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Analysts had expected 230,000 jobs to be added. That’s the lowest unemployment rate since April of 2008. Read More...
NLRB Strikes Major Blow to USPS-Staples Deal
In a major blow to the Postal Service’s deal with Staples, Region 5 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a complaint charging that the USPS illegally subcontracted work to the office-supply chain and ordering the agency to return the work that existed on July 31, 2014, to the APWU bargaining unit. A hearing is scheduled before an NLRB Administrative Law Judge on Aug. 17. Read More...
Contract Mediation Gets Underway
Representatives of the APWU and USPS met with officials of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) on June 9 to begin mediation on a new collective bargaining agreement. APWU President Mark Dimondstein, Industrial Relations Director Tony D. McKinnon and staff met with FMCS Acting Director Allison Beck, Deputy Director Scot L. Read More...
House Committee Approves Amendment To Restore Postal Service Standards
The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment on June 17 to restore postal service standards, in a bipartisan vote, 26-23. Six Republicans joined all of the committee’s Democrats to endorse the measure, which was introduced by Rep. Chakah Fattah (D-PA).  The legislation would rescind the lower service standards the USPS implemented on Jan. Read More...
APWU: The People Demand: Show Us The Text!
If you want to know what’s in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade bill, you can go to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and read it for yourself.  That’s what the Obama administration said about the trade deal that’s been negotiated behind closed doors by the United States and 11 other countries. Read More...
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