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August 19, 2019
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Union Plus Education Services

What's New at QAL-APWU 1022
New MS-1 Settlement and Implementation
On Aug. 8, the Maintenance Craft reached a settlement with the USPS regarding Handbook MS-1, TL-5 and TL-6 Revisions and Related Maintenance Management Orders, originally grieved by current Maintenance Division Director Idowu Balogun. On Sept. 13, 2017, Arbitrator Goldberg remanded the MS-1 revisions case nos. Read More...
Big Changes Are Coming to the TSP Get ready for a bunch of upgrades and new options.
Times are changing for the Thrift Savings Plan—and for all of the federal employees and retirees who have invested their retirement savings in it. One recent change was the formal announcement that the TSP will no longer require a separate election for catch-up contributions for those age 50 and older. Read More...
Anti-Labor Group Urges Federal Government to Stop All Existing Union Payroll Deductions Group's argument has already been rejected by a federal appellate court in decision that did not set a precedent.
A prominent anti-labor advocacy organization this week urged the Federal Labor Relations Authority to call on agencies to cancel all existing agreements to deduct union dues from employees’ paychecks, claiming the agreements violate the First Amendment. Read More...
Trump Finds a Brawler for His War on Workers America’s working class is in desperate shape, and its longtime protectors — unions — have lost much of their power.
President Trump talks a good game about helping American workers but has pursued arguably the most anti-labor agenda of any modern president. Now he has doubled down by choosing for secretary of labor a corporate lawyer who has spent his career battling workers. This is a bit like nominating Typhoid Mary to be health secretary. Read More...
Senate GOP plans to raid health and education funds to pay for Trump’s wall Instead of Mexico paying for Trump’s wall, Senate Republicans plan to use health and education funding.
The signature promise of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was that he would build a massive wall along the nation’s southern border and that not a penny of it would be charged to the American taxpayer. He repeatedly boasted that he would get Mexico to pay for it. Read More...
Senate Approves New Members of the Board of Governors and the Postal Regulatory Commission
The Senate confirmed three appointees to the Board of Governors on Thursday, August 1, before adjourning for the summer recess. Ron Bloom, Roman Martinez IV, and John Barger will join current Governors David Williams and Robert Duncan. Bloom previously served in the Department of Treasury and was an advisor in the Obama White House. Read More...
Texas AFL-CIO Passes Resolution to Support the Public Postal Service
On July 26, the Texas AFL-CIO adopted the resolution Fight to Save the Postal Service at their 60th Constitutional Convention. The resolution was introduced by Texas Postal Worker Union President Carlton Williams and two NALC delegates. Read More...
Yes, America Is Rigged Against Workers No other industrial country treats its working class so badly. And there’s one big reason for that.
The United States is the only advanced industrial nation that doesn’t have national laws guaranteeing paid maternity leave. It is also the only advanced economy that doesn’t guarantee workers any vacation, paid or unpaid, and the only highly developedcountry (other than South Korea) that doesn’t guarantee paid sick days. Read More...
USPS to deliver parcels for UPS on Sundays
The Postal Service intends to deliver packages for United Parcel Service (UPS) on Sundays. The arrangement is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to expand its shipping and packages business, a key component of the organization’s revenue growth strategy. The parcels that the Postal Service would deliver are for UPS SurePost and Mail Innovations. Read More...
‘Putin’s Mitch’ billboard grabs attention on Interstate 65
HART COUNTY, Ky.- A new billboard along I-65 in Hart County is raising some eyebrows. The sign reads, “Putin’s Mitch” and features a photo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Mad Dog Political Action Committee paid for the sign and another anti-McConnell sign elsewhere. Read More...
Postal Workers and Allies Flood Congress with Calls for “Postal Service Fairness”
Thousands of APWU members joined our nationwide phone action on Tuesday, July 23 to tell Congress to fix a bad law that has put our public Postal Service in jeopardy. More than 5,000 postal workers, allies, and community supporters called their Representative in Washington, DC and asked them to cosponsor the USPS Fairness Act (H.R. Read More...
Coal CEO hosts Trump fundraiser as industry’s hurdles mount and workers are left behind Appalachian coal miners suffering from black lung spent the week lobbying Congress for help.
President Donald Trump will head to West Virginia on Wednesday to deliver remarks at a fundraiser hosted by coal baron Bob Murray, underscoring the close relationship the coal industry has with the White House even as the industry steadily declines. Read More...
Members Are Asking...
Members have legitimate questions and deserve factual answers. “Why are we facing interest arbitration for a new contract when there was a tentative agreement?” “What was in it?” “Why didn’t I get a vote?” “When am I receiving raises and my next COLA. Read More...
As the coal industry collapses, miners face losing their pensions The Trump administration continues to tout its commitment to coal, but it has failed to protect miners from the industry’s collapse.
InJune, the Trump administration unveiled one of its largest environmental rollbacks to date: replacing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Planrule, which regulated carbon pollution from power plants. The rule had been a favorite target of President Donald Trump as he stumped on the campaign trail and held presidential rallies. Read More...
On July 23, 2019, postal workers and the communities we serve are standing up for our public Postal Service. It's time to protect America's most cherished institution. We are telling our elected representatives to pass the USPS Fairness Act. Read More...
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